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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Knew?

Maybe I'm just a Western super-jerk, but I never really considered the shows outside NY, Paris, Milan etc.  When I came across these photos from the S/S '10 shows in India (Lakme and Wills fashion weeks) I was enamored.  What I found particularly striking was the diversity, not only in the clothes, but amongst the models themselves.  And the fact that the majority of the models wore flats!  I mean, walking the runway in heels is like at least an entire Top Model episode, what do they do on ANTM India??

I loved the abundance of both very traditional Indian styles, as well as more Western-inspired looks.  There were looks that would be entirely at home at one of the Paris shows, and others that fit the most stereotypical idea of Indian dress an American might have.  There were the very tall, thin models required by the runways we are used to, and also some very beautiful and very curvy models that would shock an NY audience.  From silk saris to teeny bikinis... make sure to check out all my faves after the jump.

I'm sorry I don't have more information about the designers or photos, everything was very scattered, so... google images!

Sooo lovely!  Thanks for reading babies, xo Caitlin.


Nat K. said...

i like the one in the second group, second row on the right... interesting fashions.

alejandra said...

I like the bright colors and the elegant designs. My faves are the hot pink/red one at the top and the flowy baby blue dress in the middle. I think it's really interesting that not all the models were wearing heels...seems like a good idea to me =)

caitlinmarie said...

ale! overjoyed you read me! xoxo

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