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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's a school day... Style Profile (I just like to get a rhyme in)

Saw this video - She & Him (Zooey Deschanel, songwriter, and M. Ward, producer), In the Sun,  and was immediatly obsessed/watched it multiple times in a row/downloaded all their albums/watched all their videos:

(discovered via Haute Whimsy)

I feel like I was made for a choreographed high school hallway dance scene... I probably tried to initiate a few when I was that age that did't quite catch on as I had hoped.  Remember this gem?
Aw Brit, it's emblematic of my Freshman Year experience (doesn't need capitalization, it's a choice.. I think), also, preformed by myself and my freshmen peers during homecoming week to mixed reviews...

Zooey Deschanel is one of those people who is so lovable you sort of don't want to love her. Like it's just so obvious. Anyway, this post may be terribly redundant but, I love her! and hate her a little! and she is so so stylish. On stage, on screen, wherever.  Her style is very retro quirky, lots of tights and flats and almost always a headband or bow in her hair.  Also maybe a bumpit in her hair?  nooo, just great hair... and some backcombing.

Images of She & Him via, cropped, edited, collaged by pourlamourdefashion 

She's pretty cute.  And dorky!  She's a winker, and plays the ukalele.  Here are my day and night interpretations inspired by her look:

yayyy fashion!  and adorable songs!  and choreographed high school hallway dance sequences!

xoxo mes amours, Caitlin


Bachman's Sparrow said...

Ugh I love her too. After watching 500 days of summer I stopped liking her for a bit, but it's impossible :)P

xoxo Maria

caitlinmarie said...

Haha I know! but she looked amazing in that film too, grrr.

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh i love zooey she's so amazing musically and she's her own style icon love her



Simply Luxurious said...

Love this post! By the way, congratulations! You are the winner of my giveaway. Simply email me your mailing address and I will get it in the mail. Again, congratulations!

Elizabeth said...

I love both of your night and day looks. I am loving the nudes and light pinks with leather accessories. I spent my spring break revamping my wardrobe. Project was most definitely inspired by your blog ;)

caitlinmarie said...

ahh Elizabeth thank you! I'm relevant!
and Simply Lux so excited that I won!

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