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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deal of the Day!

CHEAP MONDAY Sam Dress in Navy:

$51 (originally $85), at Revolve Clothing, available in size Sm and Med.
Cute, eh? I don't know, it doesn't seem super special, but it looks great on the model, and it's really my style, at least. I love the cut, the length, and the color. I also really like the way it's styled... I've always have a weakness for knee-highs and t-straps, hahaha

I hope my readers (do I have any readers? besides Tessie and Sierra?) are enjoying the blog and the Deal of the Day. I enjoy it at least! it gives me an excuse to shop without spending.
Again, please leave any fashion/trend/shopping/love life whatever questions in the comments or an e-mail. S. left one in a comment today and I'm already working on a follow-up post.


ps I'm really enjoying this Rhianna "Firebomb" song, it just came on my itunes playlist... I know, fashion blog, not whatever I feel like talking about blog, but really, it's good, look it up


Nat K. said...

i read it! :)

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