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Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post!

Hey party girls, here's your pre-weekend party outfit built around this stunning, sequined Cavalli mini-dress:


Burberry Trench, Roberto Cavalli dress, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Nordstrom ring, Nars blush/bronzer, Tarina Tarantino lipstick, Jimmy Choo sandals, Dolce Vita pumps, all via shopstyle

Have beeeaautiful weekends bébés! xo Caitlin

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lingerie Lundi!

These come from the SS '10 collection by Baby Grand, a UK based brand that offers entirely hand-crafted pieces made in-house from the highest quality fabrics.  I love the sumptuous silks, satins and chiffons.  This collection is at once glamorous, playful, and distinctly feminine.  Love!

xo, Caitlin

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Installment II: Underwear-as-Outerwear

Wearable at Work?

Yes! sometimes.  and obviously it depends on where you work and how conservative or fashion-forward the environment is.  My reader, of the reader mail that inspired this post (See Installment I), works for BCBG Max Azria, obviously a fashionable environment where I think this look would be more acceptable.  If you are a librarian, probably not.

In my opinion, balance is key.  One "underwear" item per outfit and the rest of it should lean toward the conservative side.  It is also helpful if you are able to adjust your outfit to cover-up/conservatize (new word) if need be.  Layering is the easiest option, as you can see below I chose a lot of cardigans and blazers that can allow you to show as much or as little as you like.

How I styled/tried it: 
(click picture for larger image)

Huh? basically I just thought my confused-at-photobooth face was too hilarious not to include. also, excuse the poor quality photos, I was alone at home and that's all I really had for self-portrait-ing.
Cosabella cami, Splendid tee, Banana Republic skirt, Jessica Simpson shoes.
Layers! I will always consider this the Clueless look. remember how that movie had us all layering our tee-shirt with tanks for a minute? so here is a lacey, low-cut, lingerie-ish camisole, layered over a thin crew-neck tee, creating, in my opinion a very pretty, sweet look; especially worn with a high waist-ed pencil skirt, I think this outfit is pretty work-appropriate.

Pair a sheer bodysuit or corset style top with a sharp blazer and tailored pants.  also, keep it sweet! pastels or feminine florals like this corset dial down the boudoir element of these pieces.

Asos corset, Asos wide-leg pants , Oasis crop blazer, Bebaroque bodysuit, Topshop tank.

A sharp suit balances out the lingerie-factor of these tops, and I love the nude and blush tones.  I also looovvve that bodysuit.

A strapless dress, especially one with an underwire style top like these would generally never be appropriate for work.  but layered over a sweet short or three-quarter length sleeved tee, really dials down the sexy factor, and in my opinion looks super cute.  a bodysuit is a good option here.  this is another example of how to balance out an outfit.  just make sure the dress isn't too cocktail-y or bodycon.

H&M pink label top, F21 skirt, Target peep-toe flats (so, instead of being embarrassed lets just use this to illustrate how a girl can dream of everything at shopbop, but manage to shop it on a budget).
Me trying out black lace. I think with lace usually white or lighter colors keep things more appropriate, black or (eek!) red is a lot more bedroom style. with black I say the sleeves should be short or three-quarter, never full length, and it should be on the looser side. I'm wearing mine with just a light pink bra underneath, but I think it works with a skirt worn high, above the waist actually.   I paired my outfit with flats to tone it down further.

Kiki de Montparnasse caftan , Elizabeth and James lace button-up, Urban Outfitters bodysuit , Organic by John Patrick skirt.

Pair a sheer flowy top with a high waisted skirt.  black and lacey is balanced beautifully with a demure light pick knee-length skirt.

Like the strapless dress, I love a corset top over an appropriately conservative top.  bottoms are best high-waisted and knee-length or just above, and again, layering is the easiest option.  a long cardigan (there are lots of really pretty lightweight options in blush and grey tones in stores now.  I bought a couple at Zara about a month ago that I'm practically living in, see below), button or belt it at the waist letting as much or little of your "underwear" style top (depending on how revealing or sexy it is) show through.  I've also been seeing a lot of these scarf-like cardigan/vest options that I really like.

American Apparel nude lace bodysuit, vintage camisole, Zara cardigan.
Here I'm layering two underwear-style pieces, the lace bodysuit, and camisole (slip, actually, cut into a cami), to make one that is appropriate to wear in public. I'm layering it with a long belted cardigan that allows me to cover up more or less as needed. keeping everything in these pale blush tones makes it pretty and sweet as opposed to overtly sexy.

A low back is a nice way to let a little lace peek through, and a cardigan allows you to button/unbutton to the degree that you feel comfortable with.  I think these camis are perfect for this look. they're sexy but still very sweet, and, importantly they are obviously not just a regular bra - it is important with "under/outer" that it's clear your choices aren't accidental.

H&M bra, Hanky Panky bralette, Zara cardigan.
I'm a little less sure if I'd wear this out during the day or at work, basically I am wearing two bras and a cardigan. I do think the layering of the bras, one very structured, almost corset looking, but actually not very low cut or cleavage-y (at least not on me, haha) under the lace bralette, which could pass for a cami from this viewpoint, sort of makes it work. again, it helps that everything is in lighter, similar tones, and this outfit displays the versatility of a cardigan.

asos peg-leg pants, asos trousers, asos sleeveless tuxedo jacket, Loeffler Randall Bustier.

In my opinion, high waisted, tailored pants are important.  they reel in the sexy, hips, hourglass effect of a corset-type top.  and like a sharp blazer or suit jacket, vests like this one are a great option.

to recap: balance is key. layers. it helps to have the option to cover-up. keep it sweet. lighter colors, blush tones.  cardigans.  sharp, tailored trousers and jackets.  high waist-ed skirts and pants.  one "under" per outfit.

So what do you think?  am I way off base or do these outfits work for work, and for what type of work/workplace?  let me know what you think bebes! xoxo 4 evvaa, caitlin

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Earlier tonight, over 24-hour diner pancakes, I expressed to a web-savvy friend how frustrated I was with myself for not getting blog posts out as promised.  I get so involved in a subject that the material keeps growing and what should have taken me an evening turns into days.

He advised me to put out what I had, when I had it (...not to put out, there was no putting out, despite the 24-hr nature of the dining); to keep it constant, to keep it moving, and to keep it short.  A blog post doesn't need to be epic, it needs to be relevant.  I'm not authoring a novel, I'm writing a blog.  And my subject isn't historical; it's the present and it's dynamic.

That's the nature of fashion, it doesn't just stop once the shows are over.  Trends evolve over the course of a season, new ideas are realized everyday, and everyday that I work on a post I have new ideas, and I find more and more I need to include.  But really, when I come to a point where I am overwhelmed with material, I need to just start putting it out, and think of each post as a progression, instead of a main event. 

Anyway, I've been talking about this "underwear as outerwear" post for days, and it's about time I got on with it - starting from the beginning:


I dont know if you are interested but I came across this article on wearing underwear-as-outerwear .  I know you wrote about it before and with the hemline rising on tops (crop-tops!!!) and the undies-worn-out trend, I have been thinking about how this would play out at work or without looking like a total flooze-fest. Enjoy my little fashionista friend!

First of alllll, I love Reader Mail! Second of all, since this post has clearly taken on a mind of it's own it's going to happen in installments; but believe me babies, it's going to be good (I don't know why I keep hyping myself up like this, so stressful!).

Tonight (morning): how they wore it on the runway: 

S/S '10 shows, images via Fashion-Allure, collaged by PourLamourdeFashion

Next up, styling options and how to wear it in real life, including the workplace "without looking like a total flooze-fest".
Stay tuned mes lecteurs fidèles. xoxo, Caitlin

ps... here's a sneak peak at tomorrow:

oh la la! mon dieu! c'est possible? oui, c'est moi et mon soutien-gorge! j'espère que vous l'aimez, xoxo bebes

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! (almost)

Well I know you've all been waiting with baited breath... but sadly you're regularly scheduled Lingerie Lundi post must be postponed until tomorrow.  Scholarly expectations at my particularly demanding educational institution have meant little to no sleep (I'm going on 40+ hours), which leaves my brain fried and an inadequate allowance of time devoted to the bloggy.

In any case, the post I will publish tomorrow is going to be particularly awesome and involved.  It is inspired by a Reader Mail query regarding the application of the "Underwear as Outerwear" trend to the workplace.  I'm really excited to share to my ideas, the inspirational pieces I have found, and my opinions on styling and balance.

To tied you over...
Miraslava Duma, workin the look in Margiela and Chloe (via Jak&Jil)

Check back tomorrow for the full story. xo, Caitlin

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Don't Think You're Ready for this Jelly

Growing up my shoes preference was similar to what it is now- no sneakers unless absolutely necessary.  But my absolute hands down ultimate choice in footwear was alway the Jelly.  I probably wore my first pair at about two years old, and never tired of the choice.  Even when I was in High School and jellies were nowhere to be found (especially on a High School-er), I found a pair in my size at Buffalo Exchange, translucent red, the classic style, and wore them all the time.

I was recently browsing sandals online and came across the category "Jellies".  Well, you can imagine my excitement.  But today's jellies are quite a stretch from the classic styles of years past; and I dont' know... am I ready for this Jelly?

1. Juicy Couture $80
2. Stuart Weitzman $158
3. DVF $75
4. Christian Louboutin $975
5. Stuart Weitzman $198
6. Nina $39.95
7. Burberry $125
8. BCBGeneration $38.95
9. Prada $980
10. Chinese Laundry $39
11. Jimmy Choo $175

Don't get me wrong, I'd wear any of the above any day (especially those Pradas, my goodness!) but still I long for the old $12 T-strap Jelly.  I used to have bagillions, in every color.  Now, even in this internetty age, I could barely even find an image of the old-school faves.  So it goes, C'est la vie.

Bon Weekend my loves! xo Caitlin

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Miu!


Ready for the Runway...

From the Runway

not really a fan of these models though... creepa-faces

In editorials/ads... also pretty creepy right? the models all look like sedated dolls! and I picked the least creep of the lot to post

Basically, it's all about the shoes:

Ohhhh shoes. I was just reading in my Harper's Bazaar UK about the return of the kitten heel and I got really upset (not upset, more like annoyed/slightly repulsed). I am not a fan of the kitten heel! Give me a big chunky platform any day of the week, and a low heel is great, but a kitten heel... reminds me high school winter balls.

I'm full of opinions today! Please don't be offended if you're really into kitten heels and think the Miu Miu ads are the greatest/least creepy, if people didn't disagree about these things fashion wouldn't be very exciting. Anyway, I'm probably in the minority if I'm against something a major fashion mag is reporting as a trend/entire ad campaign.

Bisous, xo Caitlin

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lingerie Lundi!

Cozy Cuddly, Snoogly Snuggly

I love how soft and ultra-feminine these looks are. I don't really love this models face, but that can be ignored.

The color palette is lovely and all the fabrics and textures are so soft and varied.  I'm really into the cardigans, thick knits paired with silky undies.

I know that a lot of girls don't really see the point in wearing things like this when there may not be someone particular around to appreciate it.


But as a recently single-lady, living on her own, I found (once I emerged from the doldrums), that even when you are lounging around or going to sleep by yourself, doing it in a way that makes you feel beautiful (whether that means wearing slinky lingerie or sweatpants) can have a somewhat profound effect.

Taking care of yourself, just for yourself, can kind of make you feel a little in love with yourself, and that feels amazing
(or maybe I'm just speaking for me). 

Anyway, the emo-self-help tone of my little sermon is not lost on me, really.  Sorry if that was boring or barf-inducing, or off-topic.  Loveee xo, Caitlin 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light Reading

Since I'll be holed up for the next few days churning out my senior thesis (stupid graduation requirements... I've got 20 more pages to write, but really feel like the first 20 said it all), and being anything but fashionable, here are some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers (over the past week) to keep your bloggy cravings at bay:

The Emmanuelle Alt style profile at Jak&Jil

Steps towards a luxurious work-day at Simply Luxurious

Bachman's take on the Turban
What Apartment 34's crushing on

LateAfternoon's beautiful outfit/photo session

Six kids and a beautiful home? at Moodboard

The SF Style's trip to the Alameda Antique fair (I've been meaning to go for years)

And, via EverythingFab, the aaammmaaazzing trailer of SATC 2,
seriously exciting (Aidennnn!):

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! xoxo, Caitlin
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