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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Late Weekend... Party Post!

Hey Dolls, sorry I've fallen a little behind on my posting... believe me all I wanna do is blog fashion, but little annoyances like "midterms" and "senior thesis" are really crampin my style.

I feel particularly bad about missing my regularly scheduled Thursday night Pre-Weekend post.  Still, even though the weekend is well underway,  there is plenty of partying to be done, and so, with the help of one of my favorite party babes from one of my favorite glamor shows:
The (late) Weekend Party Post!

Serena Van Der Wooden, Heiress of the Upper East Side, always a babe but particularly striking in a Stella McCartney Fall 2009 RTW bodycon lace-paneled jersey dress:

with Simon Tu earrings and a Valentino clutch. images via CWTV.

Stella McCartney Fall 09 RTW, Paris. images via and Harper's Bazaar

And here are some more (and less) affordable and available options:

That's all for now fashion queens!  I don't think I'm going to get to go out tonight, but if you're reading, and you, do raise a glass of bubbly (or V&T) to your hard working blogger du mode (and if you live nearby take a little detour, I am starving and would love a little delivery), I'm always thinking of you.  xoxo, Caitlin.


caitlinmarie said...

p.s. apparently there are hundreds of gossip girl websites out there, and one critique i read about this dress was that it looked like an ice skaters costume! haha love it, and kinda true.

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