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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Earlier tonight, over 24-hour diner pancakes, I expressed to a web-savvy friend how frustrated I was with myself for not getting blog posts out as promised.  I get so involved in a subject that the material keeps growing and what should have taken me an evening turns into days.

He advised me to put out what I had, when I had it (...not to put out, there was no putting out, despite the 24-hr nature of the dining); to keep it constant, to keep it moving, and to keep it short.  A blog post doesn't need to be epic, it needs to be relevant.  I'm not authoring a novel, I'm writing a blog.  And my subject isn't historical; it's the present and it's dynamic.

That's the nature of fashion, it doesn't just stop once the shows are over.  Trends evolve over the course of a season, new ideas are realized everyday, and everyday that I work on a post I have new ideas, and I find more and more I need to include.  But really, when I come to a point where I am overwhelmed with material, I need to just start putting it out, and think of each post as a progression, instead of a main event. 

Anyway, I've been talking about this "underwear as outerwear" post for days, and it's about time I got on with it - starting from the beginning:


I dont know if you are interested but I came across this article on wearing underwear-as-outerwear .  I know you wrote about it before and with the hemline rising on tops (crop-tops!!!) and the undies-worn-out trend, I have been thinking about how this would play out at work or without looking like a total flooze-fest. Enjoy my little fashionista friend!

First of alllll, I love Reader Mail! Second of all, since this post has clearly taken on a mind of it's own it's going to happen in installments; but believe me babies, it's going to be good (I don't know why I keep hyping myself up like this, so stressful!).

Tonight (morning): how they wore it on the runway: 

S/S '10 shows, images via Fashion-Allure, collaged by PourLamourdeFashion

Next up, styling options and how to wear it in real life, including the workplace "without looking like a total flooze-fest".
Stay tuned mes lecteurs fidèles. xoxo, Caitlin

ps... here's a sneak peak at tomorrow:

oh la la! mon dieu! c'est possible? oui, c'est moi et mon soutien-gorge! j'espère que vous l'aimez, xoxo bebes


Simply Luxurious said...

Love listening to your thoughts - underwear can be lovely outerwear - absolutely.

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