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Sunday, July 25, 2010

If I had the Chance, I'd ask the World to Dance

Hey Dolls, I just wanted to acknowledge that I've been a bit neglectful of the blog this past week... things have been un petit peu difficile in Caitlin's world, but I'm feeling like next week things will be turning around! in the meantime...

Dancing with myself, oh oh dancing with myself.  Well there's nothing to lose, and there's nothing to prove.  
I'll be dancing with myself.

(Clémence Poésy + Jane Birkin... dancing by themselves)

xo Caitlin

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deal of the Day! CALYPSO Promo Code

In 2006 I made my first real trip to NYC to visit a very fashionable bff. She took me on my first SOHO shopping excursion, and introduced me to CALYPSO St. Barth and the outlet CALYPSO Au Marche, both have become permanent stops on every subsequent NY itinerary.
The shop has other locations, St. Barth, Paris, and various US states, now including Southern California (Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood), but they have a beautiful website as well.

and so... Deal of the Day! 20% off online with Promo Code!

(click thumbnails to enlarge images)

I'm somewhat in love with these ethereal flowing dresses.

I really like how the outfits are styled.

These last four are all from the Sale and Final Sale sections.

Enjoy mes belles. Even if you're not shopping there are some very pretty things to look at (I don't know... I like looking at pretty things?), and like I mentioned above, they style the outfits quite nicely, so you might be able to take something away from that.
In my opinion, it's not the clothes so much that matter, but the way one wears them (says the "fashion blogger" in F21 jeggings...). xo Caitlin

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! More Pour le Boudoir!

Last week's Lingerie Lundi! featured pictures of "boudoir" bedroom - in keeping with that theme I would like to share some beautiful examples of Boudoir Photography. A boudoir photoshoot often takes place before a wedding (thus many wedding photographers also shoot this style), but that is certainly not a prerequisite. Many women do these for their sweetie, or just for themselves. I think it sounds absolutely maaaarvelous!

Feather Love Photography (San Diego, CA) - ahhh abso my fave wedding photographer! yes, I have a favorite wedding photographer, no, no need to mention this to the bf, or parents, haha, check out the site, I'm sure you'll agree.

Obviously an awesome boudoir photographer as well. She shoots in such a range of styles, I love it.

And the next three are local to the SF Bay Area:

Karina Marie Diaz Boudoir Photography (San Francisco, CA) - really beautiful, sexy, indulgent shots.

Jill Doherty Photography (Berkeley, CA) - another wedding photographer whose range extends to boudoir sessions.
Sweet Tart Boudoir (San Francisco, CA) - fun, silly, cheeky (hahahilaaarious), pop-style shots.

Aaaannnndddd tons more after the jump!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working on the Weekend

As I put work off all weekend I told myself, with determination, that today, Sunday, I would buckle down, be super-productive, transform into a quick-thinking, incredibly focused genius girl, and complete every task I've intended to all week.

My desk looks something like this one... but without the chandelier, and the dress is probably from H&M, and the champagne is Trader Joe's...

I have often wondered how those who work from home manage to get anything done.  I can be so focused working out of a loud, busy coffee shop, but entirely unproductive working from my desk at home.  Or, how at work I can whip out a seemingly boring administrative task (data-entry anyone?) with gusto, then ask for more, but at home I'll write one sentence before my mind wanders.

I think of a thousand things I need to do before I start working, excuses that often make some sense, but always take me away from the task at hand, maybe for an hour, maybe for a day.

Sitting at my desk my mind wanders... maybe I should shower now, I might as well be self-tanning while I'm sitting around the house, a snack might do me good, I should head out for a cup of coffee, I probably deserve to watch a little tv...


Another tendency I have, and have had since I was a kid actually, is to redecorate, rearrange and reorganize my room... I should organize my books, I need to de-clutter these shelves, how could I possibly be productive with my desk facing east??

I found this article on creating a productive home office had some good tips.  But then again I'll start in on the remodeling, maybe take a trip to Ikea for a proper desk lamp, consult a book on Feng Shui...


I HAVE to organize my closet, and my dresser top and jewelry is a mess, a lovely view of my apartment will certainly do me good... obviously I need to do a little remodel.

In the midst of writing this post I got up to shower, use a hair mask, and apply self tanner, then went out for coffee... ohhh the power of suggestion.  Somehow I managed to stop myself from rearranging my jewelry.

How do you who work from home manage to stay on task?  Does anyone else use redecorating as an excuse not to work, or is that just really weird (it sounded kinda weird in my head as I typed it just now...)?  I know most bloggers work from home, how do you do it?

I hope everyone had/is having a maaaarvelous weekend! bisous, xo Caitlin

Friday, July 16, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post! Just Us Girls

Love these Day/Night Party Pics from Lorick's Spring 2009 Collection:

Pendant la journée

Dans la nuit

Lovelllyyyyy Weekends, Dolls. xo Caitlin

Images 1,2,4 via Fashion is my Boyfriend; 3+5 via Lorick

Monday, July 12, 2010


the Winner of Pour L'amour de Fashion's fabulous OUFI London clutch Giveaway!

Ms. Christina (Runcible Spoon) of Richmond, CA!
Christina commented and shared nearly everyday, increasing her chance of winning (random drawing) exponentially.  Congratulations Christina! your dedication paid off.
(kinda sad to part with it though, clearly together clutch and I are extremely photogenic)

To everyone else who entered/commented/followed I appreciate it more than you know.  Stay tuned, I anticipate another awesome giveaway in the very near future...

xo Caitlin

Lingerie Lundi! Dans le Boudoir

This weekend while researching for my weekly Lingerie Lundi feature I came across a wonderful post at Frou Frou Fashionista, a luxury lingerie blog. The owner posted pictures of her personal "boudoir makeover", which I found totally inspiring, and wanted to share here with you:

Aren't these lovely?! Definitely click on the images above to view the high-res versions of these images, there is so much detail in each.  I have always always dreamed of a "boudoir"/dressing room/space entirely dedicated to all my pretty, girly things but so far have never really had the space.  This does inspire me, however, to clean things up a bit, and make use of what I've got.

All my love dearest readers.  And hey, don't risk missing out on my fabulous OUFI London, genuine leather clutch giveaway! You have until tonight at 8pm PST to enter. xo Caitlin

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swimsuit Saturdays! Vintage Edition

Love Love Love these vintage images of supermodel Cheryl Tiegs!

Images from Swimwear in Vogue magazine. Photography: Franco(1968) + Jeanloup Sieff(1969) via Moodboard

Find similar simple, sporty styles at American Apparel:

All my love, Dolls!  Hoping to get to the lake and get some swimsuit time in myself this weekend. xo Caitlin

*don't forget to enter my fabulous OUFI London purse Giveaway! you have until this Monday, July 12th at 8pm PST, Good Luck!

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post! Wedding Edition/Reader Mail!

I love Reader Mail! and I was so excited to receive the excellent reader e-mail question that would inspire this post:
So, a question for my fashion expert:  I've been invited to a wedding this August of a college friend in Newport, RI. The wedding is black tie and I'm having a hard time reconciling black tie, summer, and beachside location in my head. Any brilliant ideas? The event starts around 5 pm and goes in to evening...  Feel free to use for reader mail or just to help me out puhlease. Ugh. xx. G.

As wedding season is upon us (so I hear; I won't pretend to be a wedding expert... though I have been planning mine since I was five... shhhh), and the summer is only getting more, well, summer-y, I imagine lots of people may be finding themselves in situations as similar to one above.  I think a lot of us dress more casually in general during the summer, and certainly at the beach, so I can definitely see how difficult it could be to reconcile, as my reader stated, the setting and season with the dress code indicated, and find something to wear.  After a bit of reading a research, I can offer the following advice:

Despite it's formal designation, Black Tie does allow for considerable variation (unlike White Tie, which is extremely regulated), especially for women.  Traditionally the definition may have demanded a floor-length evening gown, but these days’ dressy separates or short formal cocktail dresses are entirely appropriate as well.  I would focus less on sticking to a particular style or length, and more on the combined glamour of every aspect of your look.

Nicole Miller Dress via, Sachin + Babi necklace and Sergio Rossi slingbacks via;  Rachel Roy Signature dress via, Hype clutch and BCBGeneration sandals via

In the summer I feel much more comfortable in something that flows and is easy to move in; so I would stay away from boning and bandage dresses for this occasion.  In rich, luxurious fabrics, with touch of sparkle and glamorous accessories, a dress that shape-wise might be identical to the comfortable, flowing, mini or maxi sundress you wear on the weekends is black tie.

Issa, Elie Tahari, and Shoshanna dresses via

DVF, Halston Heritage, and Helmut Lang via; Haute Hippie and Donna Morgan via

A little shine and sparkle instantly dresses up an outfit.  Look for these qualities in dress, or, use your accessories, shoes and jewelry for this purpose, especially if you feel your dress is a little plain.

Sachin and Babi via, Donna Morgan via
DVF bag, Kenneth Jay bib necklace and earrings, and Alexis Bittar earrings via

I would definitely go with a pair of strappy, heeled sandals over of a full on pump, and make sure to bring a pashmina or shawl.  It is always good to have one on hand to cover bare shoulders if the ceremony is in a church or temple, and certainly to shield yourself from the cool ocean breezes that will inevitably sneak up (I'm imagine a post-party stroll on the beach with my sweetie, a pair of sparkly strappy sandals dangling from my fingertips, cashmere shawl draped over my shoulders, beautiful gown trailing behind me in the sand, shining in the moonlight...).

Nordstrom cashmere shawl; Ports 1961 shoes via; Classiques Entier via; Report Signature and LAMB via

Strapless sweetheart necklines are really prominent this season, as are one-shoulder dresses.

BCBGMAXAZRIA gown and cocktail dress, Adriana Papell, Laundry by Shelli Segal via; Rebecca Taylor via

Budget is also a factor here.  You need to decide whether-or-not you want to invest in something really special that you'll wear to other formal events over the years, in which case you should look for something timeless, and avoid trendier shapes and styles.  If you doubt you’ll ever have reason to wear something so fancy again, and you don't have the disposable income to spend on something you'll wear only once, you may want to choose a cocktail dress that can easily be dressed up or down.

Haute Hippie via; Erin Fetherston and MXMJ via

Color-wise, in addition to the always-in-style black I came across a lot of really beautiful deep yellows and rich blues, which I love.

Aidan Maddox via, Lela Rose, Rachel Roy, and Sunner via, Aidan Maddox via

Last but not a pretty bag or clutch.  If it’s big enough throw in a pair of flip-flops for that late night walk by the shore with your sweetie.

Rebecca Merkin via; Sondra Roberts and Jessica McClintock via

*Shopping Note: the dress shop at Nordstrom is great for gowns, Shopbop has amazing cocktail dresses, BCBG is a good bet for both, and, if I, personally, were able to splurge on a dress it would be a DVF or Nicole Miller - both seem to make every woman's body look amazing.

I hope that was of some help!  Keep the mail coming babes! xo Caitlin

p.s. speaking of bags… don’t forget you have three more days to enter my fantastic OUFI London clutch Giveaway!
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