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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working on the Weekend

As I put work off all weekend I told myself, with determination, that today, Sunday, I would buckle down, be super-productive, transform into a quick-thinking, incredibly focused genius girl, and complete every task I've intended to all week.

My desk looks something like this one... but without the chandelier, and the dress is probably from H&M, and the champagne is Trader Joe's...

I have often wondered how those who work from home manage to get anything done.  I can be so focused working out of a loud, busy coffee shop, but entirely unproductive working from my desk at home.  Or, how at work I can whip out a seemingly boring administrative task (data-entry anyone?) with gusto, then ask for more, but at home I'll write one sentence before my mind wanders.

I think of a thousand things I need to do before I start working, excuses that often make some sense, but always take me away from the task at hand, maybe for an hour, maybe for a day.

Sitting at my desk my mind wanders... maybe I should shower now, I might as well be self-tanning while I'm sitting around the house, a snack might do me good, I should head out for a cup of coffee, I probably deserve to watch a little tv...


Another tendency I have, and have had since I was a kid actually, is to redecorate, rearrange and reorganize my room... I should organize my books, I need to de-clutter these shelves, how could I possibly be productive with my desk facing east??

I found this article on creating a productive home office had some good tips.  But then again I'll start in on the remodeling, maybe take a trip to Ikea for a proper desk lamp, consult a book on Feng Shui...


I HAVE to organize my closet, and my dresser top and jewelry is a mess, a lovely view of my apartment will certainly do me good... obviously I need to do a little remodel.

In the midst of writing this post I got up to shower, use a hair mask, and apply self tanner, then went out for coffee... ohhh the power of suggestion.  Somehow I managed to stop myself from rearranging my jewelry.

How do you who work from home manage to stay on task?  Does anyone else use redecorating as an excuse not to work, or is that just really weird (it sounded kinda weird in my head as I typed it just now...)?  I know most bloggers work from home, how do you do it?

I hope everyone had/is having a maaaarvelous weekend! bisous, xo Caitlin


Runcible Spoon said...

I didn't feel like doing dishes, so I rearranged my collectibles and practiced facial expressions. It happens to all of us, but I am sorry to say that I have yet to find a solution.

Sarah Klassen said...

Haha, you sound JUST like me, down to the self-tanner -- I kid you not. But, truly, I do most of my blog visiting while waiting for my self-tanner to dry... I stand up at a table and type away... the thing I do to stay on task, is give myself 15, 20, 45 min. of sit down time, and then I get up and do something for a little while as a break. This keeps me on-task for as long as I can stay on task, and sometimes, I even loose track of time, and thus, become less distracted... try it?


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