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Monday, July 5, 2010

And the award goes too...

Wellllll, you know I love award shows... no, actually that was a lie, I never watch award shows, but I love the outfits they inspire, and consume those greedily after the fact... and, if you know me personally you may know that I love Nicki Minaj!  Seriously.  I think she's amazing and I spend a lot of time in my car attempting, loudly, to rap just like she do... I think it's it's pretty hilarious especially because at this point I know know most of her rhymes by heart, again, hilariousssss... excuse me little mama but you could say I'm on duty, I'm lookin for a cutie, a real big ol' ghetto booty...

Anyway, the BET AwardsNicki Minaj in vintage Rochas at the BET AwardsNicki Minaj in vintage Roches, a chandelier necklace, and an orange Wilma Flintstone wig at the BET Awards!  I'm all about, though I'm sure many would disagree:

She's a babe.  Other looks I approved of:

Cassie in Charlotte Ronson and Givenchy wedges, at a fun, summertime award show like this one, a crop top is a-ok!  Ciara in Balmain and then again in Dsquared2.   

Brandy in something wierd... very powder blue alien princess but I'm into it.  Nia Long in Gucci, and the coolest fam, Jada, Willow and Jaden Smith.

Thanks for checking in babes!  And stay tuned, Pour L'Amour has a verrryyyy exciting announcement coming up momentarily!
xoxoxoxo! Caitlin


tessalexandra said...

"attempting to rap just like she do" I cannot get enough!!! YOU are my funniest friend hahah

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