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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! Sleepin' in...

as the nights heat up more and more I want to sleep in something loose, cool, light... usually white

Kimchi Blue, Free People, Carole Hochman Designs, Staring at Stars, Carole Hochman Designs, Gap
Hanky Panky, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar de la Renta, Only Hearts, Victoria's Secret
...for links and product info, click image above

Sweet Dreams and Sweet Summa Lovin!
xo Caitlin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swimsuit Saturdays! Just One Piece

Remember when one-piece suits were exclusively for lap swimmers/moms/the super self-conscious? Not anymore! In the past five years one piece suits have become increasingly cute and sexy; here's a round-up of a few of my faves:

Loves my loves! xo Caitlin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As the weather warms everyone, including myself, is talking about slimmin' down and tonin' up, and I for one would prefer to look as cute as possible while doing so... what can I say, I'm more into clothes than exercise ok? This is certainly no fitness blog...

Here's a round-up of styles from workout wear providers:

lululemon $40-90
I've never shopped at lululemon myself, super spendy, but I've heard very postitive reviews from friends who have.  High quality, and bonus they will tailor your purchase in store.

Athleta $50-60
Athleta is a fairly new company from the Gap conglomerate focused entirely on fitness apparel.  I've yet to order from them, but like it's sister companies you can take advantage of free shipping/returns, which I always appreciate.

Lucy $40-90
Lucy is another higher-end line of fitness apparel.  When I lived in Southern California I had a roomie who worked at one and a couple times I took advantage of her discount.  Everything is super high quality, I have a pair of cropped yoga pants made of the nicest, softest material.

GapBody $15-$45

GapBody is where all my favorite workout/yoga/dance pants come from.  I have the first two pictured here and wear them both all the time.

Target $20
Target has a lot of really inexpensive workout wear, my problem is I'm always buying this stuff there just because it seems like it's such a great deal, then realizing I don't acutally like it so much.  In my experience be careful with the cotton options, I have a racer-back, built in bra tank that shrank up immediately into a crop top (have not worked-out enough to sport that look yet...), and a pair of yoga pants that have faded pretty unattractively.

Victoria's Secret $13-35
Vicky-Sec's has a lot of really cute items on their website, and apparently their fitness line, VSX, is branching out into stand-alone stores as well. Right now everything's on super-sale online, $12.99 yoga pants for example, I actually have a pair coming in the mail right now.

Good luck to everyone trying to get their workout on!  I admit I feel a little more motivated when I feel cute and comfortable in what I'm wearing, so hopefully some of these ideas will inspire!
LoveLoveLove! xo Caitlin

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! for the Bodacious Bowler

This weeks Lingerie Lundi comes via Freya, a British company specializing in lingerie for the fuller-busted lass:

The brand's mission is to provide cute and stylish, high-quality lingerie made specifically to perfectly fit the larger-cup sized woman.



I don't know much about the plight of the larger cup-sized girl, but rumor has it that it can be very hard to find cute bras that meet her specific needs.  Perhaps this line is an answer? They seem very dedicated to fit, come in sizes B-J (J!), and stateside are carried at Nordstrom, Neimans, and various boutiques.

Lovely Lundis mes Petites Cocottes! xo Caitlin

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shoesy Sunday

Love how Jeffrey Campbell does platforms...

Mariel, Miracle

Charlie C, Snick Std

Shoe Lust. Maja Crush. J'aime les chaussures!
xo Mes Petites, Caitlin

available at SoleStruck

Friday, June 18, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend [Pool!] Party Post!

Because the weather is suddenly amazing (at least here, in my corner of the Bay Area), and the weekends are fast-filling with backyard BBQs and pool parties, annddd because Anthro is hosting some incredibly cute swimsuits... this weeks Pre-Party is switching it up a bit... Summa Styleeee! yeahhh

I think this watercolor pattern is so so beautiful.  Alas I cannot wear strapless styles, super unflattering on my proportions... but if you can, you should! and it should be this one, beautiful and classy.

I love these twisty bandeau tops that are everywhere now.  I think it's the tassles that set this suit apart.

Great print! I imagine the lines make it super flattering.  I love the cut-out at the bust.

This one I could definitely wear, the beading is pretty special, click the image for the larger view.

Kinda weird! But I'm so into the print, I love maps.

A very chic high-waisted style.  I love the retro look of the high-waisted bottom, but I am generally weary of them.  I see a lot of potential for unnecessarily accentuated chub on the not-so-small-waisted/flat-bellied crowd, but the rouching on this one along with the color, definitely increase it's flatterability (yes, flatterability, came to me right now, awesome new word), accessibility, versatility, etc.

Looovvvve this print! the fold-over waist on the bottoms is nice too. I'll take it!

Pretty, classic, sexy in a way you wouldn't be embarrassed wearing in front of your grandma.
All suits via Anthropologie

Have wonderful, sunshine-y, pool-partying weekends, My Loves!
xo Caitlin
images collaged by pourlamourdefashion

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As many of you may know I have long been involved in a love affair with Kate Moss.  I love her face and how she photographs, and I love her amazing and fresh sense of personal style.

This one sided romance began in the early 90's when I was in still elementary school, not yet five feet tall, dressed mostly in Limited Too, Old Navy, and Mervyn's brand clothing, and constantly pouring over any fashion magazine I could get my hands on (I begged my mother for a subscription to W... she said No).  These were the years of the infamous and incredibly controversial Calvin Klein ad campaigns headed by Kate Moss.  I had the cK Be shot of her with her arms crossed (you can see it on the sidebar to the left) torn out of a magazine, up on my wall for years.

I always considered those images from her years with Calvin Klein as sort of the jumping off point for Kate Moss 101, that is until this year when I saw the images in the editorial posted below - the ones that would lead to Kate's introduction to Calvin Klein, and the tremendously successful career that would follow.


'15' by Corrine Day

The editorial appeared in British cult magazine "The FACE", in 1990, when Kate was fifteen years old.  Styled by Melanie Ward. 


Through her photographs and direction Day introduced the 'imperfect' model; awkward, coltish -  a vast departure from the dominant trend in fashion photography - larger than life Cindy Crawford/Linda Evangelista/Naomi Campbell-type supermodels photographed glossy and saturated in exotic locations - redefining the genre and ushering in a new generation of photographers, stylists, and models.
The pho­tographs were taken on Cam­ber Sands in Eng­land, a tra­di­tional sea­side resort, and were aston­ish­ing for their raw, ver­ité feel; an anti­dote to the glossy Vogue super­models... It’s dif­fi­cult to over emphasize how influ­en­tial this story was at the time - Liberty London Girl


The incredibly influential (and controversial) French art and creative director Fabien Baron saw the images and consequentially introduced Kate to Calvin Klein; launching their relationship and Kate's career.


Kate: I was just having a laugh. Corinne just wanted to bring out everything that I hated when I was 15.  My bow legs, the mole on my breast, the way I laughed.
(Gimpel Fils press release via I am Fashion)

Readers, how do you feel about this set?  Do you love it like I do, or maybe find it unsophisticated or inappropriate?  

I think that last picture is one of the cutest things I've ever seen; and I find it so interesting to learn about the beginning and subsequent evolution of a career like Kate's, and how influential the behind the scenes actors really are, and how influential one editorial can be.

Have wonderful Wednesdays mes poupées! xo Caitlin

15 by Corrine Day, images/info sourced via Corrine Day, LibertyLondonGirl, and I am Fashion
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