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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! Sleepin' in...

as the nights heat up more and more I want to sleep in something loose, cool, light... usually white

Kimchi Blue, Free People, Carole Hochman Designs, Staring at Stars, Carole Hochman Designs, Gap
Hanky Panky, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar de la Renta, Only Hearts, Victoria's Secret
...for links and product info, click image above

Sweet Dreams and Sweet Summa Lovin!
xo Caitlin


Anonymous said...

Some of these would make cute day dresses. <3

Christina said...

Pajama party? Too lovely to keep to ourselves!

Sarah Klassen said...

Just in time! I am looking for a cute little nightie like these -- thank you :)

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