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Friday, June 18, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend [Pool!] Party Post!

Because the weather is suddenly amazing (at least here, in my corner of the Bay Area), and the weekends are fast-filling with backyard BBQs and pool parties, annddd because Anthro is hosting some incredibly cute swimsuits... this weeks Pre-Party is switching it up a bit... Summa Styleeee! yeahhh

I think this watercolor pattern is so so beautiful.  Alas I cannot wear strapless styles, super unflattering on my proportions... but if you can, you should! and it should be this one, beautiful and classy.

I love these twisty bandeau tops that are everywhere now.  I think it's the tassles that set this suit apart.

Great print! I imagine the lines make it super flattering.  I love the cut-out at the bust.

This one I could definitely wear, the beading is pretty special, click the image for the larger view.

Kinda weird! But I'm so into the print, I love maps.

A very chic high-waisted style.  I love the retro look of the high-waisted bottom, but I am generally weary of them.  I see a lot of potential for unnecessarily accentuated chub on the not-so-small-waisted/flat-bellied crowd, but the rouching on this one along with the color, definitely increase it's flatterability (yes, flatterability, came to me right now, awesome new word), accessibility, versatility, etc.

Looovvvve this print! the fold-over waist on the bottoms is nice too. I'll take it!

Pretty, classic, sexy in a way you wouldn't be embarrassed wearing in front of your grandma.
All suits via Anthropologie

Have wonderful, sunshine-y, pool-partying weekends, My Loves!
xo Caitlin
images collaged by pourlamourdefashion


caitlinmarie said...

typical the pool party post gets published on the coldest day in weeks

Dyanna Pure said...

Cute bathing suits! <3

-Dyanna Pure

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