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Monday, September 20, 2010

Marc Jacobs Collection

I love how a Couture vs. RTW collection from a single designer can appear at first glance so, so different (see previous post), but at closer inspection so clearly follow a similar trend and trajectory.

My favorite looks from the Marc Jacobs Collection SS '11 show at NY Fashion Week:

To be honest I hated (really) a lot of the peices I saw (those I did not care to present here, whoops!), but as a whole I greatly respect and admire the collection as a whole.

These styles are larger-than-life. They are statements. So bold! The color palate so vibrant! Awe-inspiring really, the collection is awesome. "Awe", here clearly, is the word I'm gravitating towards, c'est le mot juste.

Honestly I'm sure if I were physically present at this show it would have brought me to tears - yes, clothes can make me cry (fashion is an art form!), but to be fair I am the sentimental sort (...Marc Jacobs SS '11 leads to Stendhal Syndrome in local blogger?).

As to my previous statement on the similarity between this collection and Marc by Marc there is again a very retro vibe, but one that leans towards a later decade - very 1970's, very disco-age. Again there are the jumpsuits, a vibrant and pervasive color scheme, and mixed materials, satins, sheers and leather.

Right now my style may be more MXMJ, but someday, oh that someday, you'll see me in Marc Jacobs.

Love! and Awe! and Fashion! xo Caitlin

original images via The Cut, edited and collaged images property of Pour L'amour de Fashion!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leave it to Marc

If you follow my blog you may have gathered I have an everlasting love for Marc J., one still going strong after 8+ years.

The MXMJ ready-to-wear shows are always a highlight of my fashion week experience (one still via the internet at this point) - The Spring '11 collection was no exception. 
The looks he presented in New York this past week came across as wearable (true to the RTW title, often not true of fashion show styles in general), and at once unique while maintaining a distinctly "Marc" aesthetic.

My Favorites: 


The overall trend of the collection is clearly very retro - heavy on the fifties/sixties vibes - especially in the cut of the garments.

  • high waisted a-line skirts 
  • shirt-dresses
  • what I'll characterize as a retro, carefree, beach girl look (in swimwear, casual sneakers, sundresses)
  • stripes! everywhere!
  • a distinct color palate - dark oranges and yellows
  • the transition from romper to jumpsuit
  • mixed materials (sweaters, satin, jersey)
  • and definitely note the adorable cross-body colorful box purses (the Marc bag will always be dear to my heart - my first major non-rent purchase was a Totally Turnlock in 2006)
What do you think of the collection? The looks above are only representative of my favorites, and a small portion of what was shown.  As in any collection there were certainly many I did not like, and those I choose to ignore...  
yes, shockingly this blog is pure editorial.

Love Love Love! xo Caitlin

original images via, edited and collaged images property of Pour L'amour de Fashion!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Look I'm loving...

a simple LBD and chunky gold chainzzz, supa dupa fly

Love yous! mes Boos 
xo, gros bisous, Caitlin

All collaged images property of Pour L'amour de Fashion

Friday, September 3, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post! What I'd Wear

The End of Summer Soiree:

Drape Floral Tube Dress by Rare via topshop, $110; anthropology Bellini Necklace, $42; Diane von Furstenberg Zia Suede Platform Sandals via shopbop, $280; MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Perfect Linda' Cinched Clutch via nordstom, MICHAEL Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch 38MM via bloomies, $195.00

xo Caitlin

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The September Issue: My Favorite Editorial

"Sweater Girl", feat. Lara Stone, shot by Mert and Marcus



This set is a great example of the Mad Men-esque trend, distinguished by a more pronounced feminine style, shape, and silhouette, that is dominating fall collections.  A few of the images show off another trend that has been gaining momentum, almost the neon red-coral lipstick; in this case a great way to modernize and refresh an old school style.

Vogue, September 2010

I don't buy too many magazines these days; as much as I love them they can get a bit pricey for my current financial situation (graduating from college is supposed to make it easier to find a job, isn't it?), and with everything so readily available online the purchase can be hard to justify.  Still I love the tangible experience of consuming a magazine, and not having that experience so often makes those occasions that I do particularly satisfying.  Sitting down with the 726 page issue of Vogue, book marking pages, tearing out images, taking in and considering all the ads, articles and editorials 
was relaxing, inspiring, enjoyable... so how do I find a job where I get to do that everyday?  Those exist, right?  xo Caitlin
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