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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leave it to Marc

If you follow my blog you may have gathered I have an everlasting love for Marc J., one still going strong after 8+ years.

The MXMJ ready-to-wear shows are always a highlight of my fashion week experience (one still via the internet at this point) - The Spring '11 collection was no exception. 
The looks he presented in New York this past week came across as wearable (true to the RTW title, often not true of fashion show styles in general), and at once unique while maintaining a distinctly "Marc" aesthetic.

My Favorites: 


The overall trend of the collection is clearly very retro - heavy on the fifties/sixties vibes - especially in the cut of the garments.

  • high waisted a-line skirts 
  • shirt-dresses
  • what I'll characterize as a retro, carefree, beach girl look (in swimwear, casual sneakers, sundresses)
  • stripes! everywhere!
  • a distinct color palate - dark oranges and yellows
  • the transition from romper to jumpsuit
  • mixed materials (sweaters, satin, jersey)
  • and definitely note the adorable cross-body colorful box purses (the Marc bag will always be dear to my heart - my first major non-rent purchase was a Totally Turnlock in 2006)
What do you think of the collection? The looks above are only representative of my favorites, and a small portion of what was shown.  As in any collection there were certainly many I did not like, and those I choose to ignore...  
yes, shockingly this blog is pure editorial.

Love Love Love! xo Caitlin

original images via, edited and collaged images property of Pour L'amour de Fashion!


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

Marc gives me the fashion boner every time...Every time.

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