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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As the weather warms everyone, including myself, is talking about slimmin' down and tonin' up, and I for one would prefer to look as cute as possible while doing so... what can I say, I'm more into clothes than exercise ok? This is certainly no fitness blog...

Here's a round-up of styles from workout wear providers:

lululemon $40-90
I've never shopped at lululemon myself, super spendy, but I've heard very postitive reviews from friends who have.  High quality, and bonus they will tailor your purchase in store.

Athleta $50-60
Athleta is a fairly new company from the Gap conglomerate focused entirely on fitness apparel.  I've yet to order from them, but like it's sister companies you can take advantage of free shipping/returns, which I always appreciate.

Lucy $40-90
Lucy is another higher-end line of fitness apparel.  When I lived in Southern California I had a roomie who worked at one and a couple times I took advantage of her discount.  Everything is super high quality, I have a pair of cropped yoga pants made of the nicest, softest material.

GapBody $15-$45

GapBody is where all my favorite workout/yoga/dance pants come from.  I have the first two pictured here and wear them both all the time.

Target $20
Target has a lot of really inexpensive workout wear, my problem is I'm always buying this stuff there just because it seems like it's such a great deal, then realizing I don't acutally like it so much.  In my experience be careful with the cotton options, I have a racer-back, built in bra tank that shrank up immediately into a crop top (have not worked-out enough to sport that look yet...), and a pair of yoga pants that have faded pretty unattractively.

Victoria's Secret $13-35
Vicky-Sec's has a lot of really cute items on their website, and apparently their fitness line, VSX, is branching out into stand-alone stores as well. Right now everything's on super-sale online, $12.99 yoga pants for example, I actually have a pair coming in the mail right now.

Good luck to everyone trying to get their workout on!  I admit I feel a little more motivated when I feel cute and comfortable in what I'm wearing, so hopefully some of these ideas will inspire!
LoveLoveLove! xo Caitlin


Christina said...

I have the same problem with Target workout clothes. Simple pants or tops are fine, but when it comes to sports bras you have to shell out the $ for performance you need.

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