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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lingerie Lundi!

Cozy Cuddly, Snoogly Snuggly

I love how soft and ultra-feminine these looks are. I don't really love this models face, but that can be ignored.

The color palette is lovely and all the fabrics and textures are so soft and varied.  I'm really into the cardigans, thick knits paired with silky undies.

I know that a lot of girls don't really see the point in wearing things like this when there may not be someone particular around to appreciate it.


But as a recently single-lady, living on her own, I found (once I emerged from the doldrums), that even when you are lounging around or going to sleep by yourself, doing it in a way that makes you feel beautiful (whether that means wearing slinky lingerie or sweatpants) can have a somewhat profound effect.

Taking care of yourself, just for yourself, can kind of make you feel a little in love with yourself, and that feels amazing
(or maybe I'm just speaking for me). 

Anyway, the emo-self-help tone of my little sermon is not lost on me, really.  Sorry if that was boring or barf-inducing, or off-topic.  Loveee xo, Caitlin 


Samantha said...

I must agree, though. I think we should always be dressing for ourselves, and if that means pretty lingerie to go to bed alone, SO BE IT. Everybody is worth good sleepwear :( Single or not.

caitlinmarie said...

hahaha definitely, I think I probably appreciate the pretty lingerie more than most boys anyway.

Bachman's Sparrow said...

You're so sweet, we have to meet up sometime soon! Lovely choice on the lingerie again!

Sarah Klassen said...

I adore lingerie! I'm not married yet, so for now, I'm the only one to appreciate it -- but I adore wearing pretty things...

p.s lovely pics :)

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