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Monday, March 8, 2010

Deal of the Day!

Crinkled Chiffon Dress:

$24.80 at Forever 21. Am I making things up or is this dress really cute? I just discovered (literally, like 10 minutes ago), that you can shop F21 online, and, that apparently they sell things there I like. I feel a little bit uneasy about this... didn't we all stop considering F21 a viable shopping option upon HS graduation? I don't know, this dress may be awful in person (I am kind of tempted to run out to my nearest store location right now to find out... there are some really cute $20 shoes on the website too), but the way it's presented here I must say I really like. Nice pattern, nice cut. It could be easily slutted-down with opaque tights and flats, also super cute/party with booties and a cuffed blazer.


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