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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

But Cakey, it's Spring!

...That's true!   I posted Fall's looks from the collections shown this February in NYC, but it's the Spring looks debuted at Fashion Weeks this past Fall that are now appropriate for the season, and that are showing up RTW in stores.

And the Spring collections were gorgeous! Clean white lines, some of the military influence that has carried over into Fall '10, bright patterns and prints, a softer mauve/cream/hazy blue-grey color palate, sheer gauzy fabrics, and menswear-style tailoring in long straight pants and structured jackets - also very prominent in the Fall collections.

These three images above are good examples of the overarching themes. Clean, simple, long white lines; bright patterns, gauzy fabrics, and sort of a modern, wild, Little-Bo-Peep style of dress; and, very tailored yet loosely flowing pants, sheer fabrics revealing pretty, deconstructed undergarments, and a creamy, muted color-scheme.

Check out the rest of my favorite spring looks after the jump!
(All images found at
How great is this Celine mini with the sharp white blouse and platform yellow sandals?  and the color of the Alexandre Herchcovitch.  Actually, I would wear all three of these looks right off the runway, though I'm not sure I could pull off the Stephen Burrows...

There was a definite sporty theme running through many of the collections, actually I thought many were too sporty, at least for me, verging on "I wear my spandex biker-fit full-time/roller-blade/play frisbee in the '80s"... so I didn't include any of those (hey! I didn't say this was completely comprehensive, just my preferred examples).  
Anyway, night-shorts are still cool!  And this Chanel, well, so charming.

I'm in love with these falling-off-the-shoulder dresses, feminine prints, and the platform sandals worn by most of the models... but I kind of feel like the Wunderkind model should be carrying a parasol and leading a flock of sheep... but in a good way!  I would love to wear that dress, and carry a parasol.

The Stella McCartney and the Antonio Berardi are perfect examples of the way structured, suit-like, menswear-inspired pieces are being incorporated in a way that still remains feminine.  The peachy color-scheme and lingerie style tops add to this element.  The Jen Kao clearly displays the inside-out corset/undergarment look; also, the cut on this dress very is suggestive of the futuristic, star trek-style dresses all over the Fall '10 runways.

This Caroline Herrera is one of my favorites.  I have loved her ever since I was in middle school, and had a subscription to InStyle (weird, I know, my mom wouldn't let me get "W"), and there was a lay-out of one of her daughter's weddings and she had designed the most beautiful dress...  Man, I just spent years trying to find a picture of it online but to no avail.  Trying to find something specific in a search that includes: "Carolina Herrera", "daughter", and "wedding" is quite a challenge.  Also, I realize the internet wasn't really full-grown in my middle school days... oh how times have changed.
Anyway, not much else really needs to be said, gorgeous Prada coat, gorgeous lingerie from Jean Paul Gaultier.

And oh, thie Versace is so pretty! And Oh, this Dior is striking!  sheer tops and sweetheart necklines, and the cut and shape of this Jason Wu skirt/top combo is the same that dominated the Fall collections.  Again notice the beautiful platform sandals on all the models.  It looks like this is the shoe to focus on for Spring.

That is Spring mes petits amoureux de fashion!
I love it, and wish desperately that I could go shopping right now!  What do you think?
xoxo, votre esclave de mode


sierra said...

god i was totally going to ask you to post something about what is hitting stores now...fall is way too far away.

any transition items (it's raining but i still want to wear spring stuff...)?

what are the nail colors for spring? accessories please!!!

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