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Thursday, March 4, 2010

PREMIERING... The Pre-Weekend Party Post!

Last Saturday I was invited to go out with a girlfriend. Out, like out out, to the sort of place with a dress code, where you have to be on a list to get it. As much as I do love to go out, it’s been quite a while since I hit the actual club scene. I was anxious. What was I going to wear? This was a strange predicament for me… I love to dress up! I love heels! I hate jeans! I am almost always the most dressed-up (overdressed?) at the neighborhood bars I usually frequent; still, I found myself overcome with the that awful feeling… Ihavenothingtowear! Ihateallmyclothes!

Remember in my first post when said, so knowingly, that “all you really need is a new belt etc. to spice up your whole wardrobe”… well, I have belts for all occasions. I have millions of shoes, many so fancy they’ve only been wore once or twice. I have jewelry, make-up, you name it; I’m set on accessories. What I needed was a new dress, and I wasn’t going to have a chance to swing by an H&M or anything in between work and going out… and somehow I was going to have to manage to paint my nails and shave my legs in the interim too!

Anyway, for reasons unrelated to my outfit-anxiety, we didn’t end up going out to the city that nigh, and instead hung out with the locals at the dive around the corner (the Avenue, I love you). I wore a cream colored peasanty dress with black tights and high-heeled brown patent leather lace-up booties. I flirted with some tall motorcycle men (that’s my new thing), and was accused of “breast-abuse” because apparently my high-necked frock* was smashing my little boobies (it’s true the chest on dress is too tight on top to even wear a bra), and you know, some guys are very sensitive to the plight of young breasts... such a thoughtful guy.
*Erin Fetherston for Target circa 2007, I love it, but it’s more a dress for girls than a guys if you know what I mean.

Anywayyy, the moral of this story is that I should be prepared for all fashion situations. Thus, I was inspired to produce a new weekly article here on Pour L’amour: “The Pre-Weekend Party Post!”

Every Thursday night I will put together and post outfits from various sources as inspiration for the fabulous weekend to come. Enjoy!

I adore this first dress, and these Elizabeth and James booties are the ones I've been basing my personal quest for the perfect booties on (I cannot just buy these ones, unfortunately, because they are Elizabeth and James and my budget would only permit if they were Elizabeth and James for F21 or something... they are also pony hair, I don' t know if I really have an opinion on that. This bag is great too, the strap can be tucked in to make it just a clutch, or pulled out even longer than it is here to be a full shoulder bag, very versatile.

The dress is really pretty, I love the color and the draping. I just don't love her face. Wear this dress but don't make that face. The shoes are very of the moment, platform, peep-toe, sort of that cutout bootie look. And you all know I have a forever fondness for everything Marc.

Alice+Olivia Dress, Report Signature Shoes, MXMJ clutch

This last look is so cool. At first I was a little intimidated by the leather spacegirl suit, but as I familiarized myself with all the runway trends it grew on me more and more. The cut seems really flattering too, which is not something you would normally expect from a leather mini-dress. These sandals are really cool and right on trend too. I love the high high platform and the peep-toe. I'm really excited platforms are back with such a force! they make it much easier to wear high heals.

There you have it! Premiere Pre-Weekend Party Post! I hope you guys liked these looks and got some good ideas for putting together your future outfits.

One disclaimer: I am not expecting that everyone reading this can then go out and buy say $750 sandals like the ones above, I certainly can't. These days most of my clothes come from H&M. Still, I think it's worthwhile to look to these sort of examples and styles, to get a feel for what you like and what is current and what is beautiful, and then it's not too difficult to find their less-expensive counterpart at Nordstrom or H&M or Urban or thrift stores, wherever you shop. It isn't necessarily the Sergio Rossi Sandal or the Elizabeth and James bootie that is important, it's the shape, the heel height, the way they add to an outfit. I know I will be looking for a dress with the shape of the Susana Monaco above. I know it won't be Susana Monaco or leather, and it may not be so well made, it may not feel as luxe, but for now, that's fine with me.

Ayez un week-end sauvage mes enfants terribles! xoxo.


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