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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deal of the Day!

Tons of really cute, spring colored and textured tights on sale at Urban!

All are between $4.99 and $9.99, you'll find them here, just on the sale page, not mixed in with the other tights (very sneaky).  I'm pretty excited about this, the tights/knee-high fan that I am, because a couple days ago I was at American Apparel and saw tons of really similar styles all starting at $20/pair.  I think I may have to stop by Urban today myself while I'm on campus.

Goodmorning lovebugs! xoxo, Votre amie qui aime la mode.


Nat K. said...

I got a purple pair the other day :) i love their knit ones too!

Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog post!

I'm inspired.

We like a lot of the same things.


caitlinmarie said...

wow thank you! and your blog is awesome, as are those Dolce & Gabbana wedges! I'm smitten, and entirely jealous. How do you insert that 'follow and know when I update' link at the bottom of each post? I'm still new at this.

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