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Thursday, March 18, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post!

(in it's third incarnation, The Party Post gets creative)

Mariane, coolest kid on the playground, hard-knock-life with a heart of gold.  Tonight she's looking forward to a greyhound at Cafe Van Kleef, and is hoping to snag a motocycle man to put her new jacket to good use.

Vivienne, a recent SF transplant via the Upper East Side (falling out with B).  Her grandfather's Pac Heights mansion, and relationship to the Old Guard give her an in with San Francisco Society, and she intends to be declared SF's  "it-girl" by the end of the season, maybe the end of the night - starting with dinner at Asia de Cuba, then a table at the Redwood Room.

Have a great weekend mes filles de partie!

I'll be doing my partying this weekend in LA with some of my best homegirls.  I wonder, am I fashionable in LA?  Maybe LA party fashion recap when I return.


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