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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reader Mail!

Reader Mail! I love Reader Mail!
Of course in this case Reader=Close friend I've know since the 6th grade, and Mail=Gchat. I am still categorizing her question as Reader Mail:
[Close Friend]: i need purse advice... i want one but i dont know which one

44 minutes
1:21 PM me: I'm on it! Whats yr budget/what sort of occasion u need it for
1:23 PM [Close Friend]: Less than like 60 just a good everyday blk purse. Must have a pocket for phone on outside tho
(p.s. I was gchatting via crackberry, underneath my desk at work were there is no texting or chatting allowed... shh, so excuse my poor grammar and "u" etc.)

And so readers, in the 1st Reader Mail post ever.... The Inexpensive Everyday Black Purse!
My top 5 picks (mostly at $60 as opposed to under, but I do think a purse is something worth a little more of an investment considering it is something, at least in this case, to be used on a daily basis):

At: Steve Madden (+ 15% off orders of $50 or more and Free Shipping with code SHOPIT15 at checkout); Forever 21; Endless (Free 2-day Shipping); Urbn and Urbn.

My favorite is the last hobo from Urban, I also really like the first Steve Madden bag, I had considered it myself in the past. I would also recommend H&M, which you can't shop online, they definitely have cute bags, but not necessarily great quality. Nordstrom Rack would also be a good place to try, and most boutique shoe stores sell handbags at varying price points.

I hope this helps! Everyone should feel free to send me questions, comments, post suggestions etc., I am a pro online-shopper (with an amateur budget), and I'll totally do it for you.

xoxo (gossip girl)


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