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Monday, March 15, 2010

Nails for Spring? or.... Nail Art!

Recently, a particular bff who has endless ideas and questions for my little bloggy (labor o' love), something I totally appreciate by the way, has been asking about accessories and trends for Spring, nail polish colors for the season in particular.

The correct answer would be shades of nude, blush, and pale pinks...  Here is one example from essie, and a few from my own collection:

I love all these colors for nails without a doubt. They are very flattering, sort of in the way a nude pump is flattering though that doesn't make much sense.  However, your favorite blogger de fashion (!) has a new hobby she'd like to share with you.  Inspired by the Vietnamese girls in my thesis seminar, and my oh so stylish friend Moi (the lovely yellow bird), who introduced me to the numerous nail art possibilities, and the awesome Korean owned, Black girl beauty supply shop right up the block from me (at 40th and Tele, I highly recommend it! all the polish is like $1.99/pop, and, of course, if you're in the market for a weave it's the place to be), I am fast becoming the Nail Art Queen of North Oakland (at least amongst the white girls).

A funny observation is that I seem to get more nail compliments from guys than from girls.  Maybe guys just see it as a conversation starter, and maybe the girls just think I'm lame (I don't entirely blame 'em).  Still, even before the nail art explosion my ex-boyfriend often expressed appreciation when my nails were nicely painted, maybe because it's feminine?... even my Dad is more amused by my new nails than my mom... quizzicle...
In any case, some examples below:

glitter, pink tips, chardonnay (pourquoi pas?).  doing a bffs nails, slumber party style.  my growing collection.  classic (though very imperfect) pink and white.

whoooaa nellay!  gettin experimental with design an decal.

and my latest creation: I call it "Rainbow Brite!" and I'm fairly proud of it, so proud I'm throwing up a westside, also happy to learn that photobooth is a far easier tool for nail photography that my previous method.
(You can click on all of these for larger images... since I know everyone's dyin for a better look at my exquisite nails.)

That's all for now mes petites poupées, I am determined to clean my apartment tonight... actually I was determined to do it as soon as I got home around 8pm, but I wanted to photograph my Rainbow Brite nails before too much chipping occurred, and these things always seem to take longer than expected.

xoxoxxx, The Nail Art Queen of No. Oakland (aka L'Artiste d'Ongle)


lovely yellow bird said...

OMG!!! I love it! And why did I not know about your blog? I miss doing nail art, I'll be terrible at it when I get home. I'm bookmarking this immediately!

P.S. Thanks for the compliment, it made me blush!

Love you, miss you!

caitlinmarie said...

Love you the most! I've always wanted to Oaxac (that was an abrieve I'm not just a bad speller) so maybe I'll come visit and bring all my gear, a bottle is def under 3.5oz

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