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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Les Looks du Printemps of which Je Meurs

image via lucky mag clog roundup

Swedish Hasbeens! I have coveted these shoes since I saw a different style on a favorite blog,, last year. Unfortunately these are $243, and I have committed myself to putting my tax return towards my (maxed-out) credit card, so I probably won't be getting a pair this year either.

Miu Miu S/S '10, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Shabd S/S '10.

Sadly these looks are not courtesy of H&M or F21... Miu Miu, Phillip Lim, and Shabd... sigh,  someday I will be such a famous fashion blogger designers will be sending me these things just for the shout out; til then... dare to dream?

Anway, this blog is all about fashion as inspiration, and I think all of these looks are beneficial in that regard; not as specific pieces we must have, but as greater wardrobe inspiration.  These beautiful Spring colors are going to be everywhere, and these shapes and styles aren't exclusive to Miu Miu or Phillip Lim either.  Luckily for those of us with slightly more meager budgets, more affordable lines look to the high fashion shows for inspiration, just as we do, and put out versions accessible to the rest of us (though believe me, I'm all about intellectual property/fashion as art, and would never ever ever buy an actual knock-off anything, totally against it).

Innnnn conclusion, I know I'll be watching for dresses in these shades of blush, and something the shape of the second amazing Shabd dress (check out the link above to see all of her hand-dyed pieces, they are so so so gorgeous).  The Hasbeens are somewhat more affordable (well, a million times more affordable than the other looks), and they seem like the sort of shoe that will last forever, and never really go out of style. 

Man, now who wants to go shopping?! Fo real. 
xoxo mes poupées.


Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with these

caitlinmarie said...

they are so you, really. I love these:

caitlinmarie said...

no, haven't been doing a ton of sleeping

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