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Monday, March 1, 2010


I am a full-blown, full-time car singer.  When I'm alone in the Camry you can bet I'm belting whatever I've got on with all the volume and emotion I can muster.

A few days ago I was heading home from a long day of work and class.  My battery had died and I'd spent 20 minutes in a dark, abandoned parking lot at the top of campus waiting for my heroic little brother to come give the old Toyota a jump.  Since I had to drive around for about 30 minutes to ensure the battery was charged I found myself in the midst of a major car kareoke party.  I was listening to 'Foundations' by Kate Nash (which is especially fun to sing because you get to mimic her awesome British accent), when I remembered how much I like the song's video, and I thought how I'd like post it on the blog.

But a music video on a supposed fashion blog?  I am trying to keep this project somewhat on topic you know - this blog's no free-for-all!  And then I remembered Kate's amazing personal style, and so, the video is totally, justifiably, post-worthy (video + how to get the look after the jump):

Love that song and love her style.  It's sort of a retro mix, bohemian meets 50's/60's housewife.  She mostly wears bright, waist-defining dresses that are neither mini or maxi, are flirty but not overtly sexy, and maximize a curvier figure:

*What you need to get her look*

Waist defining dresses in bold colors and prints:

shirtdress via anthropology, Plenty byTracy Reese dress via revolve, MXMJ via shopbop, MXMJ via bloomingdales, 

dress via anthropology, MXMJ via Nordstrom (just don't make that face)

Bright, bold, statement heels, pumps and peep-toes: 
pumps via urban, nordies, and anthro

Playful make-up and accessories:

fresh eyeshadow via sephora, essie tart deco polish, tights and watch via urbn,

Last but not least, in keeping with the style of the video, you'll need a super cute kitchen and corresponding accouterments:

marina studio, image via apartment therapy san francisco

okay, we never see kate wearing an apron, but I adore them, and I feel like it's in the spirit of the singer and the video, and these little boy/girl bird s&p shakers could have definitely had a role, "I know that I should let go but I can't (coooonnnn't, really because of the accent)".

both via anthropology 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that one, it took me about 5000 years.  It's funny how in the past week this blog has been alive it's featured two British Kate's as examples of personal style, and they couldn't be more different.  If any of you have fashion icons or muses you'd like to see a style break-down on leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.  Additionally, I'd welcome any other styling  questions, I think something like that would make a really interesting regular feature.

Bonsoir mes amis!  a million gros bisous!


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