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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Blog is Born

It's true there's no shortage of fashion blogs spanning the web, and, while the addition of another may seem unnecessary, I aspire for mine to make a unique contribution, and to convey the inspiration I find through my own constant fashion scavenger hunts to my readers.

Obviously I still have a lot of work ahead of me before this endeavor is fully up-and-running. Still, this is my first post and should convey my objective. I’ll conclude with the stunning and always inspiring Kate Moss: my absolute favorite contemporary fashion model, and maven in her own right.

in the tub

in the car
(and only a beret!)

Stunning in the mid-nineties when she emerged in these
provocative and controversial Calvin Klein
ads (I definitely had this picture, an ad for CK Obsession, torn out of a magazine and up on my bedroom wall for most of my middle school years).

Stunning, and just as relevant, now 15 years later. Here, Kate is featured in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, marking her 8th cover for the publication spanning her iconic career. (Harper's Bazaar, March 2010)


In my mind, what really sets Kate apart, and cements her style-icon status, is her own exciting, innovative, always ahead of the trends, inspiring personal style. Looking at the way Kate styles herself, and puts certain pieces together inspires me, personally, to experiment, to take more risks when putting together my own outfits, and to be more creative with what is already in my closet.

In jeans: Making skinny and wide-leg look good

Running around London: I love this mini-dress, opaque tights, leather jacket look. The patent leather shoes are glam and girly, the shape of the dress keeps the outfit playful, and the jacket gives it an edge, the juxtaposition making the outfit all the more interesting and personal. One wouldn't need Kate's body type or financial freedom to mimic the ensemble either.

At the Glastonbury Musical Festival: This short-shorts, Hunter boots, low-slung belt are combination classic Kate. So effortless! So cool!

"Model is not really enough of a word to describe Kate Moss. Even supermodel is similarly wrong, in spite of the fact that she is one of the few with legitimate claim to the title. When it comes to cool, Kate Moss is simply on a different plane than everyone else."
-New York Magazine


Anyway, that concludes blog entry #1, which seems to have turned into less of an introduction, and more of a tribute to Ms. Moss, which, in a way is fitting: Seeing the outfits and style choices of someone like her can make fashion so exciting, and even though she's a supermodel there are ways to interpret and then translate and the concepts and ideas of the outfit as a whole, really making the look more accessible than it might seem.

It's also a great way to discover individual pieces that can refresh your whole wardrobe, and deal with those dreadful 'ihavenothingtowear', 'ihateallmyclothes' feelings. Seriously, I know. I often decide that I hate all my clothes, but then I'll start putting things together differently and buy a new belt or something, and suddenly I feel amazing and stylish and proud... See, studying supermodels can actually do wonders for ones self-esteem!

Anyway, it seems blog entry #1 is in fact a novel.

à la prochaine fois mes bébés! xoxoxo


tessalexandra said...

Amazing; love the Kate Moss CK Obsession ad, definately had that on my wall also! Cant wait for more posts!

sierra said...

oh cakey, i'm so proud of you! now that its raining here can you please post an entry with rainy-day wear?

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