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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deal of the Day:

BCBGirls Alimie Pump:

$49.47 (list price $89.95, 45% off, with free 2-day shipping) at
I consider nude heels a really important and versatile part of my wardrobe. Seriously nothing makes your legs look longer in a skirt than pointy-toe'd nude pumps, because there is nothing breaking up the line of your leg. I'm a shorty who likes short skirts, so I can attest this isn't one of those weird 'whatnottowear' type rules that doesn't actually make a difference, it's true!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  I promise I have a super awesome Fashion Week post in the works, hopefully I'll get it out tonight, but I'm also trying to prioritize sleep this week... Also, in addition to sleep deprivation and general negligence of everything else I am supposed to be doing, I'm afraid my blog may be giving me carpel tunnel... all in the name of fashion!

bonne journée mes amours! xoxo


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