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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jewelry Spotlight - SEMI

On December 12th Brooklyn based artist Ren Ariel Sano unveiled a vibrant collection of handcrafted statement jewelry – SEMI by Ren Ariel Sano – online at
The eclectic collection is comprised of necklaces, bracelets, and drape rings, all handmade using various chain (including antique copper, gunmetal, and silver), cotton thread, and glass beads.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Ren for many years, and have had the opportunity to experience her work up close. The exquisite quality of each piece is remarkable, as is the meticulous attention to detail clearly given to every aspect of the design.

(Paint it Black Bead Loop Necklace)

(Whiplash Girlchild Necklace)

Ren is an artist of many mediums – she is an amazing painter and sculptor, which seems to inform this vivid collection.  When I first came across SEMI I was absolutely impressed, but not at all surprised; I had always admired Ren’s personal style, especially her easy ability to accessorize.  I asked Ren what influenced the design of this collection:
I have always been inspired by European gypsy culture of the 17th century and kitschy west coast Americana, so I tried to combine elements of both. I want my jewelry to be easy and comfortable but bright and interesting enough to draw a lot of attention… I like accessories that are really low maintenance. 

(Ruby Tuesday Bead Loop Necklace - Two Tone Drape Ring - It's Cold in Alaska Necklace)

(Peacock Bead Loop Necklace)

What do you think, readers? My favorites are the Paint it Black Bead Loop Necklace with the antique glass studs and this last one on the gunmetal chain, beautiful! xo Caitlin


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