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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Teenage Dream

While putting together this guide I was imaging shopping for tween/teen girl cousins.  As the oldest cousin on both sides of my family I have a lot of practice shopping for this demog, and I think it is my favorite - of course I am blessed with awesome girl cousins, and I pretty much just choose whatever I would have loved at that age (or even what I would love now).  There is an emphasis on the trendy, funky, girly accessory, and also, compared to other guides, an emphasis on small designer items (i.e. MXMJ cellphone case and Juicy Couture hair-ties) because though I don't care so much about the label now, I can recall how special it felt at that age to own something obviously designer. Retailers I would recommend include Nordstoms BP (juniors), Sephora, Victoria's Secret Pink and Urban Outfitters.

(click image to enlarge)

The Details... the super cozy Frenchi Marled Infiniti Scarf'Lola' by Marc Jacobs is my scent du jour and I love this big baubly solid scent ring.  Normally I wouldn't recommend perfume as a gift (unless you already know
your gift-ee's scent) as everyone's taste in it varies so widely, but Sephora's generous return policy makes for a safe bet. The Big-Ass Book of Crafts is full of fun activities, great for winter break. Sephora by OPI mini collection, great holiday party colors.  Pewter Art Deco Style Beaded Box Bag, last year all my teen-girl cousins got NYE party themed gifts, a glam clutch with coordinating jewelry and accessories inside, that they could potentially wear on New Years; I'm a sucker for a themed gift, and found it quite brilliant. The Fireside Long Jane Pajama, perfect for Christmas morning. Rihanna's latest 'Loud' is a fun dance record, it's been playing in my car all week.  Marc by Marc Jacobs has a collection of fun, colorful, inexpensive, tech accessories, like this iphone case. Juicy Couture Charms elastic hair bands - kinda silly, yes, but I know I would have loved to get them in high school.

Check back tomorrow for more girly gifts! and make sure not to miss my previous gift guides for Moms, Dads, and Boyfriends! xo Caitlin


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