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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - For Your Girl

This gift guide is a little different as it's geared toward the boy (or girl who loves girls) who needs ideas for his girlfriend. Now I don't believe that many boys read this blog, but I do believe that many are very bad at picking out gifts and could use some guidance - just slip him the link (wink wink). My personal taste in gifts from a boyfriend is romantic, personal, definitely not practical (i.e. my parents have been informed that I would like black print cartridges, a car charger, and a replacement beater for my hand mixer - I do NOT want my boyfriend to give me any of these things).

(click image to enlarge)

The Details... a silk robe/dressing gown is a great choice, it's special, you don't need to worry about fit like you would with most clothes or lingerie and she can wear it daily if she wants to. English Rose Robe. I've said before that
perfume is not a good choice as peoples taste in it varies greatly and if you get her something she doesn't like she won't want to wear it, but will feel bad for not wearing her gift etc., but if you get her what you know to be her personal favorite it works, and she can think about you every time she sprays it. My all time fave, Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle. Something cozy and warm is always welcome in the wintertime - Bop Basics Faux Fur Stole and this amazing Milly Belle du Jour Beaded Sweater.

I'm a traditional girl and love getting jewelry from my sweetie, every time you put it on you can think about him and the day you got it, blah blah blah, I am very sentimental. I think a ring and a watch are great choices as they are both items you can wear everyday. A ring obviously carries more romantic weight, and it doesn't need to be an engagement ring to act as a signifier/reminder of your love and togetherness.  I love a ginormous cocktail ring as a gift, but in this situation I like the idea of something a little more romantic and simple, that you could where everyday if you choose. Love me Tender Ring, Held Dear Ring, MXMJ Love Bug and Snow Bunting Rings.  You may remember I recommended Michael Kors watches for the boyfriend, well, I love them! and am recommending them for the girlfriend as well...matching watches? Michael Kors Oversized Watch and 'Blair' Chronograph Watch.

A gift certificate for a massage or spa services is a great way to give her something that will make her feel special and good about herself. Have her make a day of it, then pick her up to go out for a nice dinner. In SF I love Kabuki Springs & Spa. A surprise vacation, plane tickets, or a weekend out of town is an excellent gift you get to enjoy together.  Make as many of the travel plans ahead of time so all she has to do is show up, and have something tangible to show her, a reservation confirmation or something of the sort to show this is not some vague promise for the future but something that is actually going to happen in the near future. In my more affluent dreams I'd choose someplace tropical, like the DR. Finally, a 'Story of Us' style photobook.  I am the queen of photobooks. Fill one up with memories from all stages of your relationship, the past year, or a really great vacation you recently took together. They are wonderful keepsakes and take a lot of thought, time and effort which she will recognize and appreciate. You can make one at pretty much any photo site, 'Blurb' has some really beautiful options.

xo Caitlin

p.s. If you need additional gifting advice, ask her bff! Seriously, your girl and her friend will both find it so sweet that you did and you'll most likely turn out with something that she loves... I've already informed my bf that if in the future it is engagement ring time he is to turn to a particular friend, who knows my taste perfectly, for advice, same goes for any gift... it just makes sense. xo.


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

I've been wanting that bow ring forever! And to see you...come over!

caitlinmarie said...

So have I! in response to both points. Actually when Kara posted that she'd be visiting I thought, maybe then me and Melissa will hang out, haha. But we should, much sooner, I'd love to meet your little man as well :)

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