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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! Oh my Lonely Heart

Lonely Hearts is a New Zealand-based brand established in 2003.  It's lingerie line, LONELY by Lonely Hearts was conceived in 2009.  The peices bring to mind adjectives like clever, quirky, whimsical, and ethereal; they are sexy without being raunchy, and feminine without being super girly.

LONELY Collection I

LONELY Collection II

I love almost everything offered.  Most of all those over-the-knee socks (I must have them!), and the pretty, lacy bralettes.

Currently their wares are stocked almost exclusively in New Zealand and Australia, as well as a few online shops.  So far the brand is only available in the US in Los Angeles Boutique  No. A.  You can find all the information about how and where to buy on their website.

Love, Love, Love all my pretty, little, not too lonely, I hope, Cocottes.
Thank you so much for your readership, your support, your following, your comments... It really means so much to me.
xo, Caitlin


Simply Luxurious said...

The over the knee socks are amazing! How unique. Thanks for introducing us to this company. I had never heard of them before.
By the way, thank you for including me in your blogroll, a genuine thank you lady. =)

caitlinmarie said...

You're welcome! my blogroll is made up of blogs I genuinely like and read, so thank you!

the candybox said...

Hey Caitlin! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yup, I'm definitely a Bay Area blogger. I try to make it out to SF as much as I can. It's a nice getaway. Broke students FTW!


Sarah Klassen said...

Great looks + the over-the-knee socks are super cute!

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