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Friday, May 21, 2010

THE Pre-Weekend Party Post! (Oh the Difference a Coast Makes)

Last week's Pre-Weekend featured pictures from a Ray-Ban-sponsored concert, headlined by Iggy Pop in Brooklyn, NY.  This week's showcases those from a Missoni-sponsored fete, celebrating the launch of editor Derek Blasberg's new book Classy, hosted by Margherita Missoni, Nicole Richie, and Kate Bosworth, in Los Angeles, CA.

While it is not surprising a book launch and a rock concert would exhibit different styles, I still think the comparison aptly showcases the vastly different aesthetic between the LA and NY fashion scene.  Even with many of the same guests in attendance (hostess Kate Bosworth and Charlotte Ronson for example) the looks at each party, which were, respectively, really very similar, truly could not be more different.

Charlotte Ronson, Devon Aoki, Lady Victoria Hervey, China Chan

Nicki Hilton, Dasha Zhukova, Misha Barton, Tara Subkoff

I love Missoni!  Nicole Richie and Devon Aoki look amazing I think, and I always love Margherita, but the rest of these looks are somewhat take it or leave it in my opinion.  What do you think?  Do you agree that this party compared to last week's really illustrated the distinct style of each coast, or are the differences just a product of the different sort of party?

Anyway I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend ahead!  I'm pretty partied-out myself after many a wonderful post-graduation celebration.  
xoxo, Caitlin

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