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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pour L'Amour's 1st Award!

Yesterday I learned that Simply Luxurious awarded me and my little baby blog 2 blogger awards! I almost shed a tear I was so honored. It isn't easy to establish yourself in the ever-expanding fashion blog world, and any recognition feels really amazing.

With the awards came this question: If you were to attend the Blogger Academy Awards, what would you wear?

This gave me a wonderful excuse to peruse the most glamorous Oscar-worthy gowns, and come across this one, which absolutely took my breath away:

Penny Cruz at the 2009 Oscars in a 60-year-old vintage Balmian butter-white gown.  Some critics called this dress too bridal for an awards show, but I think it is completely magical.  The exquisite detail, the beading, the lace... Magical!

For jewels, I don't know what she's wearing, but I'd wear those.  She's accessorized perfectly.

and because in such a dress the shoes aren't really visible anyway, and because this is my fantasy, and because they are amazing, I would decorate my footsies with these out-of-control amazing Loubs!
(Christian Louboutin Studio 120 Peep-Toe Pumps.)  

Now it's my turn to award awards... And the BloggerOscar goes to:

E COLLECTIX; one of my new faves!
hilarious, and nothing do I like better than hilarious.

WWEPW - What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear;
because I want to know what EP would wear to the Oscars, ha.

Haute Design; for showcasing the haute-est of designs.

Fazed-Girl; because I too am perpetually tying to get dressed,
and I don't want her to discontinue her blog!

...and Bachman's Sparrow, for the best DIY,
and because now that I am one I gotsa work those alumni connections! haha.

Congratulations Lovers!  What would be your (or Emma's) Oscar outfit?  and don't forget to pay it forward!  xoxo, 4eva, 143, etc. Loves, Caitlin

Penny via socialitelife 
Loubies via Net-a-Porter


Purple Deer said...

Congrats on your reward!!! And the dress you picked perfecto!

caitlinmarie said...

Thanks babe! I concur. And I'm ready to work on our collaboration now too, if you are. xoxo.

Simply Luxurious said...

Fabulous choices and much deserved for both of these awards. Did you notice that Kristen Davis was wearing the very heels you chose at the SATC Premiere? Great minds think alike! And Penelope's dress - so lovely. Penelope hardly ever goes wrong at these award shows.

Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

You are the best! And CONGRATS YOU ARE DONE WITH COLLEGE! Hows it feel?! Has it hit you yet??

xoxo Maria

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my! Thank you so so much! You are so sweet + I'm so happy to know you :)

Keep up the fabulous posts!


caitlinmarie said...

Thanks girls!
@Maria, it finally hit me at commencement. I cried!
@Sarah, yours was one of the blogs I read all the time before I had my own. You were one of my inspirations!

SogniSorrisi said...

Congrats on the awards! Love the shoes.

Summer Claudia said...

Congrats to these 2 awards!! You deserve it, your blog is really amazing. Love your writing! xoxo

PS: you've been awarded ;) again :D

caitlinmarie said...

@Summer C, nicest comment ever! xo, and thank you! apparently I'm on a roll!

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