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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Chanel Suit

My previous post, Holy Chanel!, covered the Chanel RTW show at Paris Fashion Week.  I noted the classic tweed suit, a staple of the brand reinvented year after year since it's birth, over 90 years ago!

 Coco Chanel in her suit and amongst her suits, circa 1960.

What defines the iconic suit?
...the classic Chanel  suit has "boxy" lines.  The typical suit also has braided trim and a  slim skirt lined with a gold link chain. The buttons either resemble  coins or are gold with the double "cc" logo displayed amid them. There  is always a ribbon sewed in the waist of the skirt to prevent the blouse  from slipping and the zipper is placed on the side of the skirt to  enable comfort. In a sense,  wearing a Chanel suit is like wearing a customized ornate costume, made  to fit so that when the wearer moves, the suit still maintains perfect  grace and elegance*

Lagerfeld's adaption for Spring 2011:

I love that the look was even interpreted for the 1970's inspired Resort Collection, shown in St. Tropez:
the suit goes to the beach! the suit goes with a bikini!

For more on the suit check out this great timeline at Time magazine.

Craazy Coco! in the 60's a thousand years old still doing her thing

Even after being modernized year after year, the look has remained true 
to it's original concept even after Chanels death and the transition to Karl Lagerfeld as head designer and creative director.  For forty years Lagerfeld has honored design and kept it relevant season after season.  I find this incredibly impressive and important.

Thanks for your readership, Dolls! xo Caitlin

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old school pics via the vintage link and adriana sassoon, Spring 2011 images via


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