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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hairspiration! for the Comic Book Heroine (...or Snooks)

et Voila! my newest online discovery I can't help but share with you, dear readers: the Pin-up Girl Kit!

Ever wanted to sport an iconic bouffant or beehive but found that your backcombing skills alone just weren't getting the job done?  Never fear, there's an app for that!
(by app of course I mean kit, tangible, physical, comes in a box...)
Not only does the kit comes with all the tools these styles require, including the "hair bun", a squishy foam tube/secret weapon, but most importantly, the instructions included for these DIY, larger-than-life hair styles is conveyed in comic strip form!

The Classic Beehive:

via Nylon Magazine online

I can't lie, I really want the big foam "bun", I really do; and who wouldn't want to look like this chic in the final frame? Homegirl is baaadddd, no doubt about it.

In other hair-raising news (yep, I said it and I'm not taking it back), don't forget about the Bumpit! (flat hair is sooo last year - Bump it up!!!) now available at your local Walgreens!

And speaking of icons (cough), Snooki on the cover of the Sunday NY Times Style Section (every Guidette's dream)? Yes; and I'm suddenly feeling very self conscious about the height of my hair.

Anyway, I suppose that's enough foolishness for one night (not really, I actually find myself quite hilarious! and could amuse myself taking photobooth pictures with Snooks and The Times for at least another 30 minutes...).
Thanks for stopping by, mes chers lecteurs. xo Caitlin


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