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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fashionable Backpacker

This past Spring one of my best (and most fashionable) friends took an amazing multi-country trip with her boyfriend.  They visited Australia, East Timor, Bali, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa.  Initially, upon hearing of the trip, I was consumed with jealousy... then I realized the situation could be mutually beneficial.

G is a fellow fashion lover, a New York City girl, and has contributed to this blog on many occasions be it through reader mail, our conversations on fashion and style, the many hours spent on gchat sharing links to pants we aren't sure we if we wanted, a dress one thinks will look great on the other, or insider sales and coupon codes, and mostly through all her support and encouragement of along the way.

While G was off travelling the world, she was alos e-mailing me pictures and travel/fashion advice all for the purpose of this four post feature: 
The Fashionable Backpacker

"We were away for 3 months total with the first being spent working at the Ministry of Finance in Timor-Leste within the Directorate for Aid Effectiveness, and the rest was a real whirlwind (e.g. 5 to 10 days in each location). I inititially had a hard time reconciling feeling like myself (in a fashion sense), and not a 18 year old backpacker, with a packlist that was practical and condensed (I literally had one Kelty backpack), but found that neutrals, quality cottons and the right accessories were the right balance for such a long trip."

The Fashionable Backpacker: Australia and East Timor

First is in Melbourne, Australia, with Banana Republic bag, James Perse tee, J Brand stretchy jeans, and Corso Como sandals.

"I hope you're impressed that I did a dusty road trip in a Pucci headscarf and Marc sunglasses AND that I managed to find a real champagne flute in Timor-Leste (which I drank from in a wrap DVF)! If anyone can appreciate these things, I know it's you."

Timor-Leste in area Branca in DVF (and champagne)

I love how G absolutely remains true to her personal style, looking as chic as ever, while living out of a backpack.  Throughout the next few posts you'll see how she's turned a few key pieces into a wardrobe suitable for nine incredibly different countries, and kept each outfit looking fresh using accessories, and a little creativity.

That's all for tonight my loves, but make sure to check in tomorrow 
for Bali, Malaysia, and Sri Lankaxo Caitlin


Anonymous said...

love this. does she have a packing list to share? i plan on backpacking but don't want to look like a college kid.

Cairns hostel said...

I agree with your analysis, it really make sense the way you explained everything.

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