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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Fashionable Backpacker: Egypt

The Fashionable Backpacker is a story in four parts, make sure not to miss Part 1 (australia/east-timor), Part 2 (bali/kuala-lumpur/sri-lanka), or Part 3 (spain/morocco/south-africa).

In the final fashionable installment, G takes us through Egypt, looking, as always, supa dupa fly...

Pyramids of Giza: "riding at the pyramids in reeboks!! haha"
"I know how we feel about sneakers but pack a pair, you never know when you may need them for riding a horse through the vineyards of South Africa or the Pyramids of Giza...or for riding a camel."
(we hate sneakers)

In Cairo

Pyramids at Giza in a Ralph Lauren belt, in Alexandria in James Perse

"One of our favorite things to do while traveling was spotting tourists clad in hiking boots, techie pants (preferably the zip-off to become shorts kind) and large, practically bug-netted hats strolling chic city streets and announcing 'Safari [insert city here]!!' Just because you're going someplace where they may not speak English, or even if it's categorized as "less developed" than the US, does not mean you're going to the Serengeti. You don't want to be THAT American at a fancy restaurant looking like doof."

In Cairo: "p.s. I saw a woman in the Cairo ariport wearing a  faux  chanel burka. I died and thought of  you so we snapped a pic. Shameless!"

and the last piece of advice from the oh-so-fashionable backpacking babe? "Always leave room for a little shopping along the way."

I hope everyone enjoyed and learned a little from this series of posts.  Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks G, for all your pics and tips.  
If anyone reading has some travel/fashion advice/insight leave it in a comment! I'd love to hear it.  xo Caitlin


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