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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lingerie Lundi! More Pour le Boudoir!

Last week's Lingerie Lundi! featured pictures of "boudoir" bedroom - in keeping with that theme I would like to share some beautiful examples of Boudoir Photography. A boudoir photoshoot often takes place before a wedding (thus many wedding photographers also shoot this style), but that is certainly not a prerequisite. Many women do these for their sweetie, or just for themselves. I think it sounds absolutely maaaarvelous!

Feather Love Photography (San Diego, CA) - ahhh abso my fave wedding photographer! yes, I have a favorite wedding photographer, no, no need to mention this to the bf, or parents, haha, check out the site, I'm sure you'll agree.

Obviously an awesome boudoir photographer as well. She shoots in such a range of styles, I love it.

And the next three are local to the SF Bay Area:

Karina Marie Diaz Boudoir Photography (San Francisco, CA) - really beautiful, sexy, indulgent shots.

Jill Doherty Photography (Berkeley, CA) - another wedding photographer whose range extends to boudoir sessions.
Sweet Tart Boudoir (San Francisco, CA) - fun, silly, cheeky (hahahilaaarious), pop-style shots.

Aaaannnndddd tons more after the jump!
via Feather Love:

via Karina Marie Diaz:

via Sweet Tart Boudoir:

Hope you enjoyed all that, Kittens. Lots of Looove, xo Caitlin


Sarah Klassen said...

So so cheeky! I love this idea :)

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