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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Find

Fall Find! yes, I do plan on extending this "fall" alliteration trend (Autumn Alliteration!) as long as possible (hopefully you caught my previous post: Feelin' Fall)... ANYWAY: Recently, while indulging my online "window shopping" addiction I stumbled across a fairly new (2006), and local (to the SF Bay Area - Emeryville, CA) online boutique: Nasty Gal, which stocks new and vintage styles.  I've never ordered from them at this point, but I'm definitely a fan of the website, I certainly recommend it as a source for styling inspiration.

Of course any advocate of short skirts and knee-highs is a friend of mine... just not a look I ever get sick of.  Speaking of short skirts, how old is too old to pull one off?

A very yucky birthday is fast approaching (I've never been so old!) and it's had me wondering about dressing one's age, and when that becomes something one has to consider.  No, I am not an obese grandmother of ten running around in mini-rompers and knee-highs, but still, at what point should this sort of thing become a concern??
Tell me honestly, darling readers, I need your input!

Hope you enjoyed the looks above, and I hope I did not offend any obese grandmothers... any grandmother reading my blog is officially awesome and has my full support in mini-romper wear... You go Grandma! xo, Caitlin


Ria said...

I'm turning 24 and I'm like oh man how did this happen am I going to have to change my style soon. I really hope not.

P.S. If you like NastyGal you should check out Filthy Magic

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